Father Américo Aguiar

Father Américo Aguiar
President of the Brotherhood of the Clerics

Message from the President

In 2014, the whole building of the Brotherhood of the Clerics, as well as its assets, underwent a thorough assessment, as part of a wider renovation and restoration project.

The project gave new life to the “ex-libris” of the city of Porto. With its doors wide open to the city, the country and the world, the Brotherhood of the Clerics cherishes tradition, modernity, culture and deep reverence for worship.

As an icon of the city, social responsibility is our guiding principle and we wish to continue, with the help of all those who visit us, our program of social intervention in the community as well as the historical mission given to us of spiritual and material support to the clergy.

Finally, and most importantly, I want to tell our visitors that our rule is simply that you will fully enjoy your visit. Therefore, we see it as our duty to maintain this magnificent legacy faultless through time, offering a service of excellence and providing an unforgettable experience.