Safety, Hygiene and Comfort form the DNA for the experience that we provide!

Now that 78 days have ellapsed since the suspension of all visits to the Cerigos Tower, Museum and Church, operations will be resuming as of May the 30th, 2020.
Following all guidelines and recommendations from the Portuguese Department of Health (Direção Geral de Saúde, ICOM Portugal), and in line with specifications from the Episcopal Conference of Portugal, we have devised a plan consisting of a set of Rules and Regulations for Preventing and Controlling COVID-19. By means of this document, all adaptations have been made so that visitors, as well as staff, can be welcomed in a comfortable and safe environment, which has premium levels of hygiene and disinfection. This way, each and every visitor will be able to fully enjoy his/her visit to the Tower, the Museum and the Clérigos Church.

With that in mind, three cornerstones have been set up:


➔ All staff have been provided with personal protective equipment (PPE), which they will be using – masks, protection visors, latex gloves and hazmat suits, so that all areas can be cleaned and disinfected.
➔ Acrylic pannels have been put in public service areas.
➔ A great number of hand sanitiser dispensers has been provided.
➔ All areas, particularly those more apt to be touched, are cleaned and disinfected according to a strict plan. This includes public conveniences, where suitable products are used, i.e., bactericidal and virucidal disinfectant.
➔ Every staff member has ben given training pertaining to the right course of action, as defined in the Plan of Rules and Regulations.
➔ All cleaning personnel was given proper traning, particularly as far as chemical products are concerned.
➔ Employee’s temperature is checked twice a day.


➔ Entrance and exit are clearly set apart for visiting the Museum and the Clérigos Tower, so as to avoid having visitors crossing one another’s paths.
➔ At the main entrance, a member of staff will welcome visitors and suggest that they sanitize their hands and put on a mask / keep their own mask on. Visitor flow will be kept under control for each visit, according to time management and number of visitors previously defined.
* (Visitors who may not have a mask will be provided one.)*
➔ There are two ways to access reception / ticket office, one for buying tickets, and another one for priority access (tickets bought online or through any of Clerigos partnerships). Only 5 people are allowed between the reception area and the entrance, so as to follow the social distancing (2 meters).
➔ At reception, visitors’ temperature is checked (those with body temperatures over 38 º C have their access denied). Following this, a member of staff, fully equiped and protected, will welcome visitors. Tickets are made available in 30-minutes time slots, a maximum of 30 visitors being allowed for each slot.
➔ Timetables remain the same: daily, 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM, the last time slot starting at 6:30 PM.
➔ Circulation is done one way only. Visitors will be reminded to follow rules of social distancing (2 meters), and signs will be put up to that effect.
➔ While visits are taking place, members of staff can help managing visitor flow, in order to avoid people crossing along the same path. Staff members will control time allowed for standing at the top of the tower, 15 minutes per balcony.
➔ Visitors leaving the Tower are to use the main gate, thus avoiding contact with other visitors, general staff members and those at the reception area.
➔ Inside the church, a visiting circuit has been defined, and seated places are properly marked so visitors can follow social distancing (2 meters).
➔ Suppliers will have restricted access to the premises, so all contacts to arrange a delivery are to be done by telephone, through reception. Any items are to be placed in a designated area, in order to avoid any contact with staff members and visitors.


An isolation area has been defined for staff and visitors, in the event of any suspicious situations, or confirmed COVID-19 cases, so as to prevent exposing others to the virus. This area is fully equiped with:
- a telephone
- a chair
- an emergency survival kit, containing water and non-perishable food
- a waste bin
- alcohol-based antiseptic solution
- wet wipes
- medical face masks
- disposable gloves
- a thermometer


The Clérigos Tower, Museum and Church obtained the Clean & Safe seal, promoted by Turismo de Portugal and Portuguese Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage.

It recognizes the importance of this seal and its meaning for tourist entertainment companies, travel agencies and other companies registered with Turismo de Portugal, as well as National Museums and Monuments that comply with these hygiene standards recommended by DGS.

It is effectively an excellent measure of protection and security, but also an excellent moment of communication and reinforcement of the destination in Portugal, for the domestic market for the international market.

We appreciate your understanding and collaboration in respecting the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Standards and Procedures.