The Clerigos Tower

The mission of an institution is reflected in the impact it makes on others. The mission of the Brotherhood of the Clerics, since its foundation, has been to help clerics in poverty and sickness, a long-lasting goal that has consolidated itself over the years, and which currently is also aimed at helping elderly citizens.

Since 2015, the Brotherhood of the Clerics decided to continue its path of solidarity with an active role in the community, donating the revenue of its ticket sales from entrance fees into the Brotherhood’s Tower and Museum. The entire revenue raised in any one weekend per month is donated in full to an institution, or to volunteer teams at hospitals, or even, to support the purchase of hospital equipment and for their other needs.  These initiatives, in addition to acknowledging and valuing the support of institutions that help the neediest citizens, also contribute to these institutions so that they may be able to continue fulfilling this praiseworthy mission.  

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