Clérigos Tower reopens to the public again next Saturday, May 15, 2021

Clérigos Tower reopens to the public again next Saturday, May 15, 2021, after a few months with it’s operation suspended due to works in order to improve some of the visitors' circulation areas.

To mark this reopening, during the weekend (15th and 16th of May) it will be possible to purchase entrance tickets to the monument with special prices: when buying two tickets, the visitor only pays one.

During the morning, Francisco Marques, known as “clown Pico”, will present  the “Inspector deconfinement ” to interact with families, in a lively way, providing moments of remembrance, always with great security.

At 4 pm, the sound of the 49 bells of the Clérigos chime will be heard in the city. Ana Elias, is the chime player invited to interpret several songs, of which the Prelude 5 by Matthias Vanden Gheym (300 years of music for the chime) and Porto Sentido from Rui Veloso stand out. Get to know the program here.

On the night of May 15, European Night of The Museums, the city's ex-libris marks this anniversary with night visits to the Tower, until 9 pm.

After 9:00 pm, the concert of the historical organs will take place in the igreja dos Clerigos, marking the daily concert number 2,000, being attended by the main organist Rui Soares and the guests Marcos Brescia (organist) and Rosana Orsini (soprano). It is a very significant number, since these concerts have been free every day since 2015, without interruptions, always at the same time, and are highly appreciated by our national and foreign visitors. You can watch it on our facebook.

See here the program.

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