“PORTO, POR MARTA” Exhibition

This Exhibition, entitled “PORTO, POR MARTA”, by architect Marta Vilarinho de Freitas, presents more than 15 original drawings, several screen prints and also a selection of drafts and sketches of some works, drafts that had never been presented to the public.

It corresponds to a time period of 10 years and brings together several works of different scales and techniques, where the artist departs from the thematic universe of the City and Architecture to build her urban imaginaries and where she highlights some elements of the city's identity, such as tiles, balconies or skylights.

“PORTO, POR MARTA” is an invitation to reflect on the role of architecture and urbanism in framing our collective and individual experiences. Agustina Bessa-Luís said: “Porto is not a place, it's a feeling”. It is in this feeling that Marta's work is based, so intimately, on the essence of the place we inhabit. It is also an opportunity for our visitors from all over the world to contemplate a unique view of the city.

Marta's work, meticulous and passionate, serves as a mirror in which the city of Porto is reflected with all its layers, beauties, colors, meanings and complexities. These are drawings with a very fine line, usually with pen on paper, to capture the smallest details, telling stories to whoever looks at them.



[Marta Vilarinho de Freitas (b.1986) graduated in Architecture, with an Integrated Master's Degree, from the Escola Superior Artística do Porto, in 2009. She started her design project “As Cities and Memory – Architecture and the City” in 2014 .

His training in Architecture influenced not only the choice of the theme of his Project, but also his artistic language. He has a studio in Porto and constantly collaborates with various entities and brands]

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