Tower, Ex-Libris of the City

A tower with more than 250 years of history. The Clerics’ Tower, due to its height and location, provided telegraph and clock services to the inhabitants of the city.  In the 19th century, the Royal Mail vessel, which belonged to the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, would arrive at the city once a week – due to the commercial relations established between Porto and English tradesmen - and through the placement of two flags on the top of the tower, the inhabitants would be signalled that the vessel would arrive within two days. This meant that they would have enough time to send their packets and packages. At that time, a flare would be sent up from the Tower synchronised to the meridian clock (a clock that marked midday each and every day). Citizens would then be warned that it was midday and that it was time to close their businesses.

And thus history was made. The beautiful and impressive Tower, which commands a breathtaking view of the city, has stamped its mark in the history of the city.  A symbol of the city, the Tower is the third most visited national monument and offers to all its visitors a unique experience, an experience more than 75-meter tall.

The Clerics are involved in a busy cultural program that includes musical concerts of varied styles, guided Heritage tours, lectures and conferences, among other activities of local and tourist interest.

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