Visits to the Tower, Museum and Church are suspended

Following the decision of the Porto City Council, which decided to cancel all public events, as well as decided to close all Municipal Museums and Libraries, recognizing the recommendations of the General Health Directorate and the considerations of the World Health Organization, and the extraordinary measures approved by the Portuguese Government in line with the “public health emergency” that we are experiencing, the Bortherwood of Clérigos suspends visits to the Tower, Museum and Church, as well as the respective celebrations, from March 14 to March 3 April.

It is the most responsible decision to be taken in the current context, taking into account the situation of prevention and containment of the transmission of the new coronavirus COVID-19 and whose main objective is the protection of workers and visitors, in an operation that receives around 3000 visitors daily, 85% from different countries around the world.

The Brotherwood of Clérigos will update information whenever justified, in line with the civil and health authorities, with the Porto and North Regional Tourism Authority, with the Porto and North Tourism Association and with the Municipality of Porto.

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