The 2014 Renovation

The Clerics, National Monument since 1910, underwent a “rebirth”, after the renovation and valorisation project of the building, carried out in 2014, have restored to it all the splendour and beauty created by Nicolau Nasoni in the eighteenth century.

A project that provided adequate conditions for the reception of visitors and the transformation of its spaces into a museum, and also, to meet structural and accessibility needs, creating infrastructure for this purpose. Among these, an elevator, which does not allow access to the tower, leads the visitor to visit the Museum of the Brotherhood as well as the A + Room, located on the top floor of the building. It is an inclusive room where a multisensory perception station was placed that simulates the visit to the top of the Tower in real time.

In the tower, after the renovation project, it is possible to perform an interpretative route through the thematic rooms – Brotherhood Foundation; Nicolau Nasoni - life and artistic journey (1691-1773); Nasoni and the Baroque Architecture of Greater Porto - and get to know the history of the Brotherhood, the biography of Nicolau Nasoni and his work.